Here’s where you can easily buy the book, “Think Snow!”  The book’s first edition is currently self-published by, Create Space, an Amazon Company.  Simply click the link below, and you’ll be directed to a fulfillment page to order one or many copies at one time.

As of now, we have only one softback copy available, but stay tuned for new media and other merchandise like T-Shirts and posters which will be available soon!

Again, thank you very much for your interest, your support, and your willingness to read into my heart and go a little deeper into the psyche and emotions of an ARMY veteran like myself.  I wish you all the very best and truly hope this book helps those who’ve engaged in warfare, and the ones who never went to war- the families who waited back home to help put the pieces of a Vet’s heart back together when they returned.

There is hope.  

There is a new life awaiting those still suffering.

There is emotional refuge for the tormented.

There is a parade waiting for your homecoming.

There is an answer on why you made it out.

There is redemption, forgiveness and peace for the heart, mind and soul.

There is a choice, and a healing inside you, and now I want to encourage you to “Think Snow.”

And for all the veterans who never heard these words, after any engagement, any war, or military service, allow me to be the first- “Welcome Home, soldier, and thank you for your service.” - Kenneth Kinsler

Buy the book now by creating a Create Space account, and purchasing your copies here: