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When it comes to most, "Inspiration," is what initiates the attempt to write what's on your heart, or document what's jamming your thought patterns or dreams. Unless you're a Vietnam Veteran like Kenneth Kinsler, author of the new book, "Think Snow." Here's your first opportunity to go interpersonal with Kinsler's brain, heart, and passion for the 46-year mental journey out of the jungles of southeast Vietnam.

Sometimes it's in the toughest regions and moments in our life when we realize what we're really made of, and what we're made for. 

It was in that moment, suddenly when the tide had finally turned for me emotionally and mentally.  It's when "Don't Mean Noth'in," began to mean, "Everything."

Kenneth Kinsler speaks about some of the behaviors that plagued him, and thousands of other Vietnam Vets while offering an optimistic perspective of hope and understanding.

Kenneth Kinsler brings the analogy (everyone has a Vietnam), to life with comparison, contrast and empathy. Watch now and share!

A lot of people "told" the American public what is was like in Vietnam, but only the Veterans in the jungle, humping hills, and on foot really knew. This book is how I, Kenneth kinsler, saw it and lived it.