My memoirs of Vietnam are more like an M.R.I. than a book written about an image of me at 26 - taken by me at 73. I'm the technician operating the big tube - you are the radiologist studying the results, but the image is not of me. No, it's a picture of you; because we are all drafted to Vietnam. Shortly after starting, my work took on a life of its own, realizing that your Vietnam is infinitely more relevant and important than mine and you are all alone - just as I was in southeast Asia. So when you read, think about yourself, think about your own personal Vietnam. Then I invite you to join me to "Think Snow."



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 Kenneth Kinsler

When’s the last time you felt like an “X-RAY?”

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The Significance of the Snowflake

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Every element of the Trademarked (TM) Think Snow “Snowflake” has a symbolic, cultural and social signifigance. Learn more about the purpose and the “soul” behind the artwork.

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