Kenneth Kinsler

Ken Kinsler was born and raised in snowy Buffalo, New York. At the age of 26, his career as a sheet metal worker was interrupted by a draft notice from the US Army. Like thousands of other men, Ken found his life turned upside down and forever changed by an untimely and uninvited trip to Vietnam. The hardships he experienced and the friendships he formed during his tour of duty in a foreign war would forever change his life and his view of the world. His "return to normalcy" yielded a 38 year long marriage, two wonderful children and grandchildren. Like many of his comrades in the war, Ken harbored thoughts and feelings from 1968, but chose to keep them to himself. Later in life, Ken became a widower and an empty-nester. His enjoyment of retirement and his life in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida was trumped by the ever present thoughts of Vietnam. No amount of counseling, introspective thought or rationalization could quell the firefight that was still raging inside him, 40 years after the fact. His pent-up emotions ultimately became the fuel and fodder for writing and publishing his first book about his Vietnam experience. 

It is his hope that this book will be a "helping hand" that will land in the hands of soldiers who are about to deploy - or veterans who are grappling with the same demons that consumed him for over four decades.